Why Health Compass

Health Compass has re-invented the benefits brokerage industry -- and by doing so -- re-invented the way healthcare is financed and procured for employees and communities.

Our clients save $1,000 - $5,000 dollars per employee per year --- while eliminating regressive copays and deductibles --- so that they can attract and retain the talent needed to grow their business.

The three most important qualities to look for in a benefits broker are independence, expertise, and mission...allow us to explain. 


Brokers who accept compensation from vendors related to your health plan should be disqualified from your search immediately..


Because it guarantees that they make more money when your costs go up -- not down. This is the foundational problem with traditional brokerage firms and the reason Health Compass refuses all forms of compensation from health insurers. 

Being agnostic and financially aligned with our clients so that we can recommend and build custom solutions that achieve the outcomes you want.


There are many smart people who could potentially help you achieve your goals. So why work with Health Compass? Here are several reasons we trust you will find compelling:

●  Our CEO, Donovan Pyle, is only 1 of 22 health insurance consultants in the U.S. certified by the Validation Institute — an organization born out of the World Congress that independently validates the performance claims of solutions providers.

●  Our clients range in size from 10 employees to over 10,000 employees. 

●  Our CEO, Donovan Pyle, is only 1 of approximately 300 health insurance consultants in the U.S. that have achieved the highest designation awarded by the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).

●  Our thought leadership and whitepapers are published in national publications like Yahoo Finance, Go-Banking Rates, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), Advisor Magazine, and I’m a member of the Orlando Business Journal’s Leadership Trust.

●  We developed a new business model for the benefits brokerage industry that aligns incentives between brokers and employers and founded Health Compass in 2018 — arguably the first radically transparent consulting and brokerage firm that guarantees by results by taking on financial risk. Our average client savings in 2021 were $1,850 dollars per employee, per year.

●  Donovan Pyle is the VP of the board of the Health Council of East Central Florida — a State level public health planning board that provides research, program development and evaluation services that enable community-based health organizations to improve population health.

●  Donovan is also on the board of the National Association of Health Underwriter’s Legislative Council that works to ease the regulatory burden for employers that health insurance currently poses. 


Independence and expertise are critical, but only if the mission of a brokerage firm is just.

At Health Compass, our mission is to improve the financial and physical health of businesses, employees, and communities by eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse, and helping patients get the quality care they need.

Prior to working at Health Compass, many of our team members experienced the "old way" of doing things and found it morally offensive and unsustainable. 

Solving some of society's greatest challenges is the very reason Health Compass was formed.  

When the incentives and financial models between employers and their broker are aligned, transformational change can occur.

But don't just take our word for it... listen to our clients'.  

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Health Compass shopped all the usual carriers, but their custom solution saved us over $1,400 dollars per employee and eliminated copays and deductibles for our team…a solid win all around”
Ben Collins - President, Boldist

“For 10+ yrs we thought we were getting a great deal on our health plan through our trusted local agent. Thanks to a few conversations with Health Compass, we are now saving over $800 per month on our family policy using the same provider with a more tailored policy. Thank you, Health Compass!” - Justin Pinkney - CEO, Citi-Ticket

“I still hate health insurance, but at least Health Compass saved us over $3,000 dollars per employee and improved coverage the year before our exit" Chris Pyle - CEO, Champion Solutions Group

“We at the Health Council of East Central Florida view innovation as the key to empowering individuals so they have more access to affordable and convenient health care services. Likewise, Health Compass has charted its own path to save employers over $1,000 per employee while also eliminating copays and deductibles that often prevent employees from getting the care they need. We like innovation as it creatively brings down health care costs and benefits everyone." Ken Peach - Executive Director, Health Council of East Central Florida

Health Compass not only showed us how to reduce costs without compromising coverage, but they also connected us with employers who were looking to work directly with independent healthcare providers like us.
- Dr. Edie K. Benner PT, PhD, OCS, President at Advanced Rehabilitation & Health Specialists

Prior to Health Compass, health insurance had always been a pain-point for our organization. We love the transparency, control, and savings our partnership has produced. - Dave Zembala, CEO at Zembala Group

Health Compass showed us how to do something I didn’t think was possible — drastically reduce our healthcare costs while IMPROVING benefits for our employees. - Molly Sedensky, CFO at Hummel Properties

With Health Compass, we were able to revamp our health insurance strategy — IMPROVE the availability of our best plans to remote employees, improve benefits communication throughout the organization, and save on premium costs. - Julie Garofalo, HR Manager at Champion Solutions Group

beatrice health compass inc | US

“We have been working with Donovan and Health Compass since Feb 2021 and have found Donovan and his team to be incredibly responsive, transparent and a pleasure to work with. Donovan delivers on his promises and we highly recommend Health Compass for managing employee benefits and health care planning.” Beatrice Phillips- Co-Founder, PBC Global

Donovan Pyle, Founder and CEO

"I just couldn’t stand it anymore. 

No matter how much you hate health insurance, I guarantee I hated it more…in fact, I hated it so much that I got into the insurance business to see what the heck was going on.  

My journey started off on the carrier side of the business where benefits brokers were my clients….and during that time I started to hear about some innovative ways companies like Rosen Hotels, McCoy Federal Credit Union, and others were getting better results by financing and procuring healthcare in a different way. 

Note: Rosen only had a couple hundred employees when he developed a different way to finance and procure healthcare for his organization 30 years ago….since then, he has saved his company over a half a billion dollars, and these savings are the very reason he has been able to do all the wonderful philanthropic work that he’s now famous for. Talk about a legacy…wow.

Anyway, this was inspiring to me and I thought  “man, if I just jumped over to the brokerage side of the business, I could scale the kinds of solutions Rosen had pioneered and solve a major problem for our community”.

So I moved over to the brokerage side of the business, but once I was there, I discovered that the reason these innovative solutions were hardly being promoted by traditional benefits brokers (the people who sell health insurance) was that they make more money when their client’s costs go up — not down. 

And I said well this doesn’t make any sense. Why would a broker make more money for delivering less value?

Well, it turns out that the reason they make more for delivering less is because they get paid by — and therefore work for —  the publicly traded insurance companies...NOT YOU…and that’s a fundamental problem. 

And so I looked at how other industries like financial services had transformed themselves to better align with their clients — and decided that the best way to improve my industry would be to do the same thing. 

Health Compass was formed to reinvent the benefits brokerage industry….and by doing so, we are reinventing the way organizations of all sizes in Florida are able to finance and procure healthcare for their employees.

How does it work? 

By rejecting compensation from vendors and simply getting paid a flat fee directly from our clients, we are free to  provide clients with the objective advice they need without carrier or vendor influence. 

Our expertise and alignment is what enables our clients to achieve the measurable results they want. And by the way, most of our client’s employees don’t have to worry about expensive copays and deductibles that plague traditional plans. 

Our message to CEOs is simple: It doesn’t matter if you have 10 employees or 100,000 thousand employees, you have the power to turn OPEX into EBITDA by improving healthcare for your employees. 

Don’t allow the failed insurance industry to lower your expectations and convince you that +4% annual increases are “good”.  

Contact us to start getting the clarity, confidence, and control you need to get results today."


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