Why Health Compass

Most businesses and benefits brokers don’t know how to control healthcare costs without watering-down coverage.

At Health Compass, we partner with companies to help them reduce costs by $2,000 - $5,000 dollars per employee per year --- while improving benefits --- so that they can attract and retain the talent needed to grow their business.

The three most important qualities to look for in a benefits broker are independence, expertise, and mission...allow us to clarify.


Unlike traditional brokerage firms who get a raise every time your rates go up and accept "loyalty" bonuses from insurers that are hidden from their clients, Health Compass refuses all forms of compensation from health insurers. 

This allows us to be financially aligned with our clients and gives us the freedom and independence needed to recommend and build custom solutions that measurably reduce costs and improve benefits.


Like a PhD in other fields, we at Health Compass hold the highest designations in the health insurance and benefits industry.

Our CEO, Donovan Pyle, is one of 20 benefits professionals in the U.S. certified by the Validation Institute as Health Value Professional, and many of the solutions we recommend are backed by the Institute's financial credibility guarantee which pays employers $25,000 dollars if the results promised are not achieved. 

Are the products your company buys guaranteed to work? 


Independence and expertise are critical, but only if the mission of a brokerage firm is just.

At Health Compass, our mission is to improve the financial and physical health of businesses, employees, and communities by eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse, and helping patients get the quality care they need.

Prior to working at Health Compass, many of our team members experienced the "old way" of doing things and found it morally offensive and unsustainable. 

Solving some of society's greatest challenges is the very reason Health Compass was formed.  

When the incentives and financial models between employers and their broker are aligned, transformational change can occur.

But don't just take our word for it... listen to our clients'.  

What Our Clients Say About Us

With Health Compass, we were able to revamp our health insurance strategy — IMPROVE the availability of our best plans to remote employees, improve benefits communication throughout the organization, and save on premium costs.

Julie Garofalo
HR Manager at Champion Solutions Group

Reduced our healthcare costs while IMPROVING benefits

Health Compass showed us how to do something I didn’t think was possible — drastically reduce our healthcare costs while IMPROVING benefits for our employees.

Molly Sedensky
CFO at Hummel Properties

We love the transparency, control, and savings…

Prior to Health Compass, health insurance had always been a pain-point for our organization. We love the transparency, control, and savings our partnership has produced.

Dave Zembala
CEO at Zembala Group

Reduced costs without compromising coverage

Health Compass not only showed us how to reduce costs without compromising coverage, but they also connected us with employers who were looking to work directly with independent healthcare providers like us.

Dr. Edie K. Benner PT, PhD, OCS
President at Advanced Rehabilitation & Health Specialists

Health Compass saved me $580 dollars a month on one prescription!

Health Compass saved me $580 dollars a month on one prescription! Had I not called them I would have paid $640 for what they made possible to be $60.00!! I highly recommend. Thank you!

Chrissy Gurrola

About our Founder and CEO,
Donovan Pyle

Like most people in the Benefits industry, Donovan’s career didn’t start there. He played drums professionally in New York for ten years and, during that time, saw how America’s health care and insurance industry were extracting economic rents from employees, impairing their standard of living.

“I lived in Manhattan after 9/11 and during the Great Recession, and you could see the devastation on every city block…people were hurting. Toward the tale-end of my music career, I fractured a bone in my kick-drum foot while opening for the band “Heart”. It was my first encounter with health insurance, and it wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t know much about the insurance business, but I knew there must be a way to make things better. Ultimately, this experience inspired me to move into the benefits industry”.

In order to learn the architecture and legacy best practices of the benefits industry, Donovan worked with a multinational insurance Carrier before moving to the brokerage side of the business. The experience was instructive:

“Too often, the incentives embedded in the architecture of the industry work against employers and their employees. This is not only unacceptable, it’s unnecessary”.

As an antidote to the status quo, Health Compass Consulting was formed.

“By sitting on the same side of the table as our clients and providing them with objective expert advice, we are able to reallocate a significant portion our client’s operating budget back to their bottom line — where it belongs”.


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