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There are many smart people who could potentially help you achieve your goals. So why work with Health Compass? Here are several reasons we trust you will find compelling:

●  Our CEO, Donovan Pyle, is only 1 of 22 health insurance consultants in the U.S. certified by the Validation Institute — an organization born out of the World Congress that independently validates the performance claims of solutions providers.

●  Our clients range in size from 10 employees to over 10,000 employees, and our team has managed benefits for some of the biggest brands in the United States. 

●  Our CEO, Donovan Pyle, is only 1 of approximately 300 health insurance consultants in the U.S. that have achieved the highest designation awarded by the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).

●  Our thought leadership and whitepapers are published in national publications like Yahoo Finance, Go-Banking Rates, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), Advisor Magazine, and I’m a member of the Orlando Business Journal’s Leadership Trust.

●  We developed a new business model for the benefits brokerage industry that aligns incentives between brokers and employers and founded Health Compass in 2018 — arguably the first radically transparent consulting and brokerage firm that guarantees by results by taking on financial risk. Our average client savings in 2021 were $1,850 dollars per employee, per year.

●  Donovan Pyle is the VP of the board of the Health Council of East Central Florida — a State level public health planning board that provides research, program development and evaluation services that enable community-based health organizations to improve population health.

●  Donovan is also on the board of the National Association of Health Underwriter’s Legislative Council that works to ease the regulatory burden for employers that health insurance currently poses. 

Our business model aligns the financial incentives between us and our clients so that transformational change can occur.

But don't just take our word for it... listen to our clients'.  

What Our Clients Say About Us


Donovan Pyle, Founder and CEO

While working on the carrier and brokerage side of the insurance business, Donovan Pyle identified a fundamental misalignment in the market: Brokers make more money when their client's costs go up, and this undermines employers' ability to get objective advice on how health plan dollars should be invested.

The problem inspired Donovan to invent a new business model and found Health Compass Consulting in 2018.

By refusing compensation from health plan vendors, Health Compass is free to work with a larger set of strategies and solutions that help businesses achieve the results they want. 

Pyle holds the highest consulting designation awarded by the NAHU, is the Vice Chair of the Health Council of East Central Florida, and is one of twenty consultants in the U.S. certified by the Validation Institute.

His writing can be seen in Yahoo Finance, SHRM, Seeking Alpha, and many other national publications, and he can be reached at:


Maurice Clarke, Employee Benefits Consultant

Over the course of his 15 year career managing benefits for some of America’s largest brands at Darden Restaurants, Maurice discovered that the misaligned incentives between vendors and employers often resulted in escalating costs for both employers and employees. 

As an Employee Benefits Consultant with Health Compass Consulting, he brings clarity, objective advice, and innovative solutions to businesses so that they can improve the financial and physical health of their organization. 

If you’d like to learn more about Maurice's approach and thinking, please contact him at: 


Maurice Clarke - Health Compass Consulting

Rick Proctor, Director of Executive Benefits 

Over the past 30 years, Rick Proctor has built his career around providing comprehensive executive benefits, insurance, and estate planning solutions to successful businesses and their leaders. He has found that developing long term relationships with clients and strategic partners allows for a more holistic and aligned experience for all parties involved.  Rick actively nurtures these relationships, allowing for better outcomes and more innovative, all-encompassing wealth preservation strategies for his clients.

He can be reached at: solutions@healthcompassconsulting.com

Kishan Herriotts, Director of Global Benefits

Based in London and with decades of experience under his belt, Kishan Herriotts specializes in helping U.S. multinationals navigate the complexities of global renewals, compliance/legislative updates and problem solving, ensuring that the global benefits strategy runs without disruption.

His guidance ensures businesses keep pace with the local benefits market in a manner suited to their global strategy.

He can be reached at: solutions@healthcompassconsulting.com

Kenna Ulbinsky, Director of Engagement

For over 10 years, Kenna Ulbinsky has been helping employees customize their benefit packages based on their individual needs, risk tolerance, and budgets.

Her attention to detail and passion for innovation produce exceptional client experiences that make her a much-valued part of the Health Compass team.

Kenna can be reached at: engagement@healthcompassconsulting.com

Eric Silverman, Director of Communications

Eric Silverman is considered a recognized authority in employee funded benefits (the industry formerly known as “voluntary”). 

With more than 19 years of employee benefits experience, he is often sought after and interviewed by various journalists from multiple industry publications such as BenefitsPRO, ThinkAdvisor (formerly LifeHealthPRO), and Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA) online and print magazines. 

He can be reached at: eric@healthcompassconsulting.com

Carol Hensal, Client Success Manager

A graduate of Kent University and accomplished pianist, Carol Hensal has been delighting clients and audiences for decades. 

Carol is passionate about improving the financial and physical health of communities. 

She can be reached at: service@healthcompassconsulting.com


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