Speaking Engagements

Healthcare consumes approximately 20% of GDP in the United States, and changes can have an immediate impact on the economy, business, and the general health of your population. We provide insight into what's happening and how it affects us all. Our CEO, Donovan Pyle, frequently addresses high-level executive briefings, large conferences, and public forums.

While working on the carrier and brokerage side of the insurance business, Donovan  Pyle identified a fundamental misalignment in the market: Brokers make more money when their client's costs go up, and this undermines employers' ability to get objective advice on how health plan dollars should be invested.

The problem inspired Donovan to invent a new business model and found Health Compass Consulting in 2018.

By refusing compensation from health plan vendors, Health Compass is free to work with a larger set of strategies and solutions that help businesses achieve the results they want. 

Pyle holds the highest consulting designation awarded by the NAHU, is the Vice Chair of the Health Council of East Central Florida, and is one of twenty consultants in the U.S. certified by the Validation Institute.

His writing can be seen in Yahoo Finance, SHRM, Seeking Alpha, and many other national publications, and he can be reached at:


Speaking Engagements

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