Generate Interest-Free Working Capital

 by Fixing Employee Benefits

Since 25% of what most companies spend on healthcare is considered waste, you can save at least $1,000 dollars per employee, per year, by improving benefits for your team.

  • Attract & Retain Top Talent 
  • Turn OPEX Into EBITDA
  • Comply With Regulations

Do you struggle with:

  • Rising operating expenses?
  • Attracting and retaining top talent?
  •  Wage compression that erodes profit margins?
  • Complying with ever-changing regulations and labor laws?

Full-Service, Independent
Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting Firm

Performance Based Consulting

For self-insured groups, our “bolt-on” solutions improve benefits, achieve savings within the first 30 days, and can be implemented at any time — without fees or replacing vendors.

Fee Based Consulting

For fully-insured groups looking for better results, we build high-performance health plans that consistently reduce costs and improve benefits. We guarantee your savings outperform our fee 3:1.

Brokerage & Active Management

In our full-service model, we design, procure, implement, and actively manage all aspects of your health plan and ancillary benefits --- so you can attract and retain the talent needed to run your business. 

You need confidence, clarity and control to make effective decisions.

That’s why we are truly independent. We align ourselves with our clients by refusing all compensation from vendors and taking on risk. That gives us financial incentive to solve your problems.

With Health Compass, we were able to revamp our health insurance strategy — IMPROVE the availability of our best plans to remote employees, improve benefits communication throughout the organization, and save on premium costs.

– Julie Garofalo, HR Manager at Champion Solutions Group

“Health Compass showed us how to drastically reduce our costs while improving benefits for our employees.”

– Molly Sedensky, CFO

How to Get Started

1. Schedule Free Consultation

Schedule a free discovery call to clarify your goals and challenges with our team.

2. Attend Free Cost-Modeling Session

Bring in additional stakeholders for an educational whiteboard session that illustrates your future costs and opportunities.

3. Build Your Custom Health Plan

Get three high-performance health plan options that cost less and provide better benefits and network access than what you're currently using.

4. Get Active Management

Health Compass does the heavy lifting to implement and actively manage your health plans and other benefits.

Benefits Are Meant to Increase Productivity & Reduce Turnover

At Health Compass, we know you want your business to succeed and drive higher profits. In order to do that, you need to attract and retain top talent without increasing operating expenses. 

The problem is that insurance companies want your rates to go up every year — and traditional benefits brokers make more money when they do. It's kind of like hiring a CPA who gets paid by the IRS to make sure you pay more taxes than you should -- it doesn't work.

Shifting more costs onto your employees via premium contributions and deductibles to save money doesn't work. Why? Because this undermines the purpose of your program, and costs you even more in the long run.

Staying independent allows us to align ourselves financially with our clients so that we can provide them with the confidence, clarity, and control needed to make effective business decisions that deliver measurable results.

Schedule your free consultation today so you can start saving money and improving your benefit plans!


How Champion Solutions Group saved $3,026 per employee per year