Discover how to create more working capital than your top salesperson each year.

Step 1) Stop paying for healthcare employees never actually consumed

Step 2) Stop overpaying for the healthcare employees do consume

Since 25% of all healthcare dollars are considered waste, the average savings opportunity is over $2,500 dollars per employee, per year.

About the Speaker:

Donovan Pyle holds the highest designation awarded by the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), sits on the board of the Health Council of East Central Florida and NAHU’s Legislative Council, is one of twenty consultants in the U.S. certified by the Validation Institute, and provides thought leadership for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Advisor Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and


Given the economic and human capital challenges businesses face, organizations need to quickly identify opportunities to combat these headwinds by optimizing operating expenses and revamping talent acquisition strategies.

An often overlooked opportunity typically lies in corporate health plans where small and midsize companies routinely pay for healthcare employees never consumed and companies of all sizes overpay for healthcare employees do consume.

Given that approximately 25% of everything employers spend on healthcare is considered waste and healthcare prices vary 700% - 1,100% within any given market, optimization allows companies to generate interest-free working capital while improving benefits used to attract and retain talent.

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