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Save $1,000 Per Employee

Your strategic advantage in the war for talent. Maximize your benefits investment. Unparalleled clarity, confidence, and control.  

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A Radically Transparent Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting Firm

Benefits Consulting, Products & Program Management

In our turn-key model, we design, procure, implement, and actively manage all aspects of your company's health plan and ancillary benefits --- so you can attract and retain the talent needed to run your business.

401 (k) Design & Active

Compete with large institutional pension plans by leaving investment decisions to professional money managers who have the experience and expertise needed to thrive in market conditions of all kinds.

Human Capital

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging our science-based approach to talent acquisition and development, so your company can fulfill its critical mission.

Benefits Are Meant to Increase Productivity & Reduce Turnover

At Health Compass, we partner with our clients to help them achieve their objectives. This often requires being able to attract & retain top talent without increasing operating expenses.

The problem is that insurance companies want your rates to go up every year — and traditional benefits brokers make more money when they do. It's kind of like hiring a CPA who gets paid by the IRS to make sure you pay more taxes than you should -- it doesn't work.

Shifting more costs onto your employees via premium contributions and deductibles to save money doesn't work. Why? Because this undermines the purpose of your program, and costs you even more in the long run.

Refusing compensation from the insurance industry allows us to recommend, implement, and manage a much broader set of strategies and solutions, so that we can provide them with the confidence, clarity, and control necessary to deliver measurable results.

What Our Clients Say

"Health Compass saved us over $3,000 dollars per employee and improved coverage before our exit"

Chris Pyle, CEO at Champion Solutions Group

Chris Pyle

CEO at Champion Solutions Group

“We have been working with Donovan and Health Compass since Feb 2021 and have found Donovan and his team to be incredibly responsive, transparent and a pleasure to work with. Donovan delivers on his promises and we highly recommend Health Compass for managing employee benefits and health care planning.”

Beatrice Phillips- Co-Founder, PBC Global

Beatrice Phillips 

Co-Founder, PBC Global

Integrity | Transparency | Accountability

By refusing compensation from health plan vendors, Health Compass is free to work with a larger set of strategies and solutions that help businesses achieve the results they want. Our business model aligns the financial incentives between us and our clients so that transformational change can occur.

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