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Frequently Asked Questions - Let's get right down to it. Ask us the tough questions.

“What Do You Do?”

We solve our Country’s healthcare problem by building high-performance health plans for Businesses.

We hold the highest designations in the health insurance and benefits industry and understand that objective, expert advice is the key recommending and building effective health plans for Businesses.

“What makes you more objective than our Broker?”

Unlike most of the Brokerage community, we refuse to get paid commissions or year-end bonuses from health insurers. This allows us to be truly objective in the recommendations we provide. Just as importantly, it means we have access to a much larger set of solutions and the objectivity and incentive to recommend the right ones at any given time. No more spreadsheets and increases every 12 months

“Do we have to Fire our Broker?”

Keep your Broker. But given the complexity, expense, and fiduciary status Employers play, many Companies find it helpful to get a second opinion about their program.

Benchmarks aside, for many companies, health plans have become cancers on corporate balance-sheets. Extending the metaphor, if you were diagnosed with cancer, would you be ok just working with your Primary Care Doctor for 10 minutes at a time, or would you want an in-depth analysis, treatment plan, and strategy from a Specialist. Given our expertise and objectivity, we are the Specialists companies seek council from. We check your Broker’s work and make recommendations for a fee or percentage of savings.

“Can You Be Our Broker?”

Yes, but we won’t just work with anyone. Being in the problem solving business requires many resources, and we have to be selective about who we work with — not every company is a good fit. However, for companies that are engaged, we can typically come to an agreement that benefits everyone — with us, it’s win – win, or no deal.

“If you don’t get paid by insurance companies, how much will you charge us?”

Working with us SAVES you money. Not because our fees are always less than what your Broker currently makes on your group, but because our intellectual property helps you optimize spend (remember the $1 Trillion wasted every year?) and these savings allow us to improve benefits for employees. Here’s what we can always guarantee — are you sitting down? — our fees will always be fully transparent to you, our valued client. No commission grabs or year-end kickbacks from insurers — nada, zilch, nothing.

“How do you save us money?”

There are many ways to optimize spend and improve benefits. Generally, we identify wasteful vendors in your healthcare supply chain and replace them with high performing ones. Aligning incentives between stakeholders (employees, healthcare providers, and the health plan) is also a powerful lever in reducing costs. Counterintuitively, rewarding employees to using high-quality healthcare providers actually saves everyone money and improves outcomes.

“Is this some kind of self-insured thing? I heard that was risky.”

When you look at the past and predicted performance of traditional health plans, it’s generally fully-insured plans that pose more financial risk to companies. It’s important to note that not all self-funded plans are created equal. We have strong expertise in this area and are able to structure partially self-funded plans that offer more financial protection and a better user experience than fully-insured products. Partially self-funding isn’t for everyone, but for many groups, the pros far outweigh the cons. Given our financial incentives, we are objective and get paid the same regardless of which direction our clients wish to go. This decision requires and in-depth analysis and we are hardly scratching the surface in these FAQ’s.

“Our Broker helps us with technology, ancillary benefits, compliance, data analytics, HR consulting, and wellness --- does your company that?”

Yes, we are a full service consulting and benefits management firm. In fact, we take it a huge step further by building custom-made health plans for our clients — something many Brokers lack the incentive and/or expertise to do.

“Do you offer Wellness programs?”

Yes, but we think it’s important to educate clients about the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of most programs: 98% of Wellness programs on the market have negative ROI and can actually be harmful to employees. Furthermore, as any experienced HR professional will tell you, they also expose companies to a litany of compliance issues. We are happy to support just about any program you want so long as you understand the pros and cons of them. A word of caution: the effectiveness of wellness vendors needs to be verified by third parties. Do not take the claims of wellness vendors at face-value — they are usually easily debunked.

“What do you think about Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)?”

We like HSA’s, but only for certain client profiles. While they make sense in theory, for many employees, they are harmful. If the majority of employees have less than $1,000 dollars in savings, then there is little chance they can afford to properly fund an HSA. If they can’t fund the account, then they end up delaying care and this costs the plan even more money in the future. Diabetics that can’t afford to fund and manage this disease can be especially affected. On the other hand, if a group consists of high-paid employees, HSA’s can be a very attractive vehicle.

“Will you give us free quotes like everyone else?”

No. Like you, we don’t work for free. Building health plans, or even quoting off-the-shelf Carrier products requires a commitment from us and employers. Unfortunately, when quoting is done without a fee, some employers do not take the opportunity seriously and fail to get us the information needed to help them. This wastes everyone’s time. Although we do charge a quoting fee, if the group assigns us broker of record, we are able to waive that fee. We feel this model is the fairest thing we can do for employers as it eliminates sales pressure typically associated with the benefits industry.